Arrow to a Zombie!! Voting time again!

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle,

it is time for voting the next article into life.  
MV's year of the painter is cool, eh?

It is your choice again, you got two options and only one vote via comment.
While we are away for a class during the weekend the time is yours to vote until next Monday.

My thoughts, progress and painting strategy behind some decent gaming figures from CMON's Zombicide Game ...

 For Zombies vote "Zombies" in the comments

This article explains how you can attach Bowstrings to your figures, what you have to take care of; explained on some figures from "the Nightwatch".

For Bowstrings vote "Arrow" in the comments

Now it is your turn!
Hit the comments and vote like you never did before.
I wish for all Zombie-Fans that this time, the Zombies might win ...

Please don't vote "Zombie Arrow" ... you need a ballista to shot a zombie ;)


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