Private Coaching Review Preview and an Elf

by Roman aka jar


As we told you already Raffa and I had Roman from Russia as a guest for private coaching in our studio. He flew in all the way from beyond Moscow to get his questions about painting answered. Soon there will be a review about the class, some words from Roman himself about his goals and if he achieved them with our help. Well, not too much right now ... soon more!

Roman painting with Roman and Raffa ...

Well, what we learned is that you have to respect the basic tone if you want to achieve a moonlight situation in your figure. So before the big review shows you what Roman managed to achieve in his coached painting session I'll show you my main explanation model I used to demonstrate different contents of the two days. A High Elf, in blue, nothing too fancy compared what Roman painted, which Roman now?? :D

High Elf White Lion
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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