Painting Class with Roman in Sweden - a little reminder!

by Massive Voodoo

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
painters and hobby enthusiasts,

as you might remember we got one of Roman's famous Jar's Beginners Classes planned for Sweden. A rare occasion to find this class held in english and this is even far up north. Great for beautiful summer days.

All information about it can be found behind this link and as we already got a dozen participants it is never wrong to put out a little reminder.

Peter, Markus and Roman are behind the organisation of the class and at the moment we got around 11 participants. We would like to have some more - as fact is - the more students take part, the cheaper it is to bring Roman to Arvika for the weekend.

So if you are from Sweden or are up to travel for such a cool learning experience,
feel welcome!

To push the class a little bit we had the idea that Markus should ask Roman some questions  about his way of teaching and painting. Let's hear what they both spoke:

- Where came the idea to share your visdome initially, like the beginner’s class? 

Roman: Well, I studied to become teacher. While doing so I learned that I enjoy teaching. I am not the guy to teach as a regular teacher on schools. Somehow my mind and mainly my heart did not go for it. I thought about giving it a try to teach what I love. My passion. For me as a painter and a teacher I see the greatest memories in my students eyes when they got those "click" moments. The moments where they are able to draw conclusions from their experience, their learning, my teaching and do big steps further due practice. That is wonderful to see so many gain and grow from my knowledge.
- What can one expect to learn from the beginner’s class, paint like a champion? 

Roman: The title might be misleading. It is not aiming on beginners or starters. It is a class that is a beginning, a start of a journey to understand what is in my heart and mind while I paint. Some rules about color, light and shadow and techniques, but mainly I try to focus on each students individual skills to push him over his "to-date-boundaries". So everyone, no matter what level of painting they achieved to this day is a welcome guest at the class and I am pretty sure he or she will learn something new.

Of course you paint like a champion after the weekend class. You win medals and trophies and will be able to build your own real-life-sized death star. No, in fact not. As we only got the weekend to learn and study many new things it is also up to everyone to put these things to practice and future good use to find his own way of mastering miniature painting. I am just a guide trying to show the path, the direction. See it as a start of a journey. For many of my students it was and still is.

 - Where does all your creative energy come from? 

Roman:  I love what I do from my heart. That's the place.

- What inspires you to do certain minis/vingettes? 

Roman: Emotions, daily life, movies, games, stories, books, music, my soul, the certain miniature that calls for my attention. I can not point a finger to it, but I am open to the world's miracles and see so many I want to learn about or use in my projects to see how they work in miniature scale.  I am an ovserver of daily life miracles and enjoy them.

In my beginner's class I try to open up everyone's eyes for such miracles. My main goal on my class is to teach my students this insight, how you can do this. How you observe, put it to use and how learning never stops if you start asking yourself the right questions. Master to teach yourself is my goal. I am just showing directions.

- I can see that you really love colors, do you like to study everyday life things and see beauty in every corner of the world? 
Roman: You know me, Markus. That question is inappropriate, haha. As you have been to one of my international classes in Paris, France  you are already walking your own path, travel your own journey of colors and you know what I teach. And I know you do too. Love colors, study every day life things and see beauty in every corner of the world. I am happy to know that the first steps were taken on my class back then and I am looking forward to show you some more directions, now that you grew in being a painter.

If you want to join the class in Arvik, Sweden in August, 
check here for details!


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