Article: Hobby accidents and how you can avoid them

by Massive Voodoo

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an article about pain and how to avoid it. By Professionals.
Yes Pros do hurt too and have feelings. Happily nothing bad happened at all as we are professionals.
Well, but I got a small collection for you all to tell stories and give hints how things could have been avoided, maybe.

In fact, some things have to happen as they happen. If you are doing stupid things without thinking, pain will be often the result. Keeping this in mind the most important rule to avoid pain: Think, before you do something. Make sure you know what you want to do, know the risks and prepare and secure yourself ahead of the actual doing.

Following you find a collection of "wounds" that we inflicted upon ourselves due stupid things. Bad ones, deep ones, minor ones and none existing ones. Of course we can not cover all wounds you can inflict upon yourself while doing this wonderful hobby, but at least we got some and do have some stories to tell.


#01 - Secure your eyes

Your eyes are most important and Roman was close of killing his eyesight because of a stupid dance of busts on drills. Sounds weird? Check this  interview to see the dance itself, somewhere in the interview. The drill broke and was really, really close flying with force and luckily missed Roman's eye.

How to avoid damage to the eyes?
Everytime you cut something, drill something, do something that might have stuff flying around, even only working with your hobby blade (it might brake) wear your protection glasses. Proudly.

You can do this with style too.


 #02 Rumble in the Bitzbox

Roman has a very big Games Workshop bitzbox with way too much stuff in it. Once in a while he is searching something in there or rather say he is digging to find something he likes by surprise ... or by accident.

These small Nurglings attacked him with their horns and he was bleeding heavily. No not really, but the spot of pain was annoying for the next days. Important if you are wounded is that you clean the wound properly, even it is a small one. Also make sure that you got a patch at hand to secure the wound from dirt.

It is nothing bad to have a first aid kit in the room you are working.
We recommend it.

How to avoid such an attack? 
Organise your bits much better.


#03 - Concentrate while working with blades

The classic.
Here Bene did cut himself with his supersharp blade.
Often these wounds go deeper than you think and it is unavoidable to clean and patch this up.

How to avoid it?
Well, using less sharper blades can help, but sucks at the actual work result you are trying to aim for. Concentrate. Focus.

Another one with a blade, but looking at the finger a lot of cleaning is needed too.
Really this is important if you are going to work on with dirty stuff on your table.

This one was rather nasty on Roman's hand, also with a hobby blade, not a machete:


#04 Hot is the new hot

Well, burning yourself also happens once in a while. Usually in our studio if you work with a Hot-glue-gun. Here Raffa had inflicted an ugly burn to himself.

The evil machine!

If you want to avoid most of the pain that comes from a burn, directly go where you can find running, cold water and stay there until you cooled it down to a maximum. Directly after the accident. This helps a lot and will make the final burn wound not so bad. Well, it will still hurt and it might turn to a vesica. Do not open it with force. Wait until it opens by itself, clean it up properly and patch it.

Well, how to avoid it?
Concentrate and focus again, but things happen as they happen.

Another burn, but already in the healing process on Roman's hand:


 #05 Duck and cover

Well this is Roman's head on his recent painting class in Beckingen, two weeks ago.
On the way to the class he was attacked by an eagle shooting down from the sky and after an epic fight ... well, skip that.

Roman is rather a tall guy you can say and he just hit his head on a too small doorframe. Unfortanetely after the the door was a stair downwards, which means that Roman had a little more drive than usually while going through a door. He even destroyed some of the stucco.

How to avoid it?
Take care about your sorroundings and duck/crouch when needed.


 #06 - the weird scars

Roman's elbow.
Damage taken by leaving the studio, talking with friends, going downstairs, mountain bike on the shoulders, missed a step, falling on his butt, but not first, the bike and elbow connected first and took most of the fall power on the open bike's gear wheels. Wonderful.

How to avoid?
Watch your steps.


As you can see most of the "hobby-damage" is found on our hands as these are the tools we are working with. We will wear our hobby scars with pride no matter what, but if you take care on what you are doing you can avoid most of them.

There are many more accidents we did not record, but most of them were either with a blade or superglue or both. This collection shows the most common accidents in the MV cave, except the last two.

Do you have any "accidents" to tell a story from?
What was your worst or most stupid wound you inflicted upon yourself because you did not take enough care? Let us hear in the comments!


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