By the Might of Grayskull!

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Voodoo people,

again its Roman with catching up with the past.
Tomorrow we will see the results of this week's tutorial voting.
If you did not vote yet, do it!

Another finished 28 mm Hasslefree sculpt, called "Delphine".
A great model that reminds a little bit of "He-Man", a great comic series from the past too.
This one was done as a gift to one friend of Roman: Mitchell.

By the might of Grayskull!
Hasslefree Miniatures, 28 mm

The Magic Powers of Grayskull
Roman added the magic power effect to show the might of Grayskull after he finished painting the model. He used Vallejo Putty 401 for it and carefully applied it in several layers, always trying to pull the "mass" away from the miniature to create that effect. Afterwards it was painted. Roman is working on an article about this, but needs more photos and with it some more models to do the same. A little more patience for the article.

Well, it was a though step "trying" this on a finished paintjob, but happily the result was convincing. What do you think?

Yes, from the side it looks weird though:

 She is also to be found on Putty&Paint.

Keep on happy painting!


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