Crashed X-Wing at the NOVA OPEN 2016!

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle,

today we got something special for you in here.

An X-Wing landed ... no rather crashed on top of a base and the pilot is bored, put off his helmet and put off his shoes to wait for extract and recovery while his R2D2 unit goes crazy with beep beep about the damage taken by the vessel.

Roman had a lot of fun creating this piece. It is a usual X-Wing from the game "X-Wing" and was a gift some years ago by Chris on one of Roman's Beginner Classes. Chris gave it to Roman and said: "I would be interested what you could do to it!" ... Well, none of the two thougth it might crash in the end :D

Crashed X-Wing

You can find more photos of the piece on Putty&Paint.

Now what is so special about it? 
Well, you know Raffa and Roman are a big part of the NOVA OPEN 2016 - Convention in Washington, D.C. once again. Offering Hobby seminars and do judging work on the Capital Palette.

Beside this there will be a silent raffle of miniature projects by different artists once again with the results going to charity. Roman already painted his first silent raffle model - last years special duel. 

Knowing that the X-Wing community around the NOVA Open is huge Roman decided to put this one of  a kind X-Wing Diorama into this years raffle of the NOVA OPen Charitable Foundation.

If you will be at the NOVA Open 2016, take your chance to win it!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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