Gaul Chieftain “Ambiorix”

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle people,

while rolling up the past Roman realised that there are quite some finished miniatures left to show here on the blog. Well, let's get it on then, eh?

"On this cold morning Ambiorix, chieftain of the Eburones watched the roman troops wintering in their border fortress. He saw sentries, cooking fires and a calm athmosphere everywhere, but they were on the move. He told them to leave the fortress because of a big germanic force crossing the Rhine and as they had some sort of truce the Roman's trusted his word. Everything was calm but not around his gathered force of gaulish men and woman who were ready to fight. On this day the wrath of the Gauls would hit Sabinus and Cotta in surprise and all Romans under this would be massacred." 

Ambiorix was an ambiotious leader of one of the belgian tribes and in several battles his army wiped out a whole Roman legion and five cohorts. Cesear was rather angry and promised the senate to take care about revenge. This had happened and after a cruel campaign against the belgian tribes many of them were no more.

The bust was started by Roman during his private coaching with Waldemar. If you are interested in some WIP shots and see a little bit of the progress, please check back with the review of the coaching, here.

Gaul Chieftain “Ambiorix”
 Pegaso Models, 200mm 

And yes, he does have looks, reminding on the french actor Gerard Depardieu, but this is not on Roman, but on the sculptors at Pegaso. Thanks to Christian K. from Augsburg for helping out with his historical knowledge and wisdom.

You can find more photos via Putty&Paint.
Hope you like him?
Keep on happy painting!
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