Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain

by Massive Voodoo

Hi jungle,

like we told you Roman is busy, but still is catching up with the past.
As he paints so many models during the last months there are several projects he did not yet show on the blog. One of them is a Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain from WH40k and he looks like this:

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain
Games Workshop, 28 mm

Unfortanetely the miniature is not on sale anymore. As we speak the parcel containing him is on travels to his new destionation. Many thanks to a collector who got himself this piece painted by Roman. Many thanks for your support in Roman's passion, art and work.

BUT we do have updates in the MV Art for Sale area. Big time.
Updates by Peter and Roman with many new cool projects that are on sale. Check them out here by clicking the banner:


Keep on happy painting!


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