MV News on this week!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle People,

this week will be rather silent from Roman's side. We already told you this.
We will still have some blogposts, but Roman needs to skip Tutorial Voting this week. Sadly.

On the upcoming weekend Roman is holding his first ever brand-new and fresh class concept with a full class of 14 students in Augsburg, Germany:

MV's Jar's Advanced Class. 
He is in the thick of finalising preparations for this event, detailing his schedules and printing work sheets. Even as a quiet experienced teacher in miniature painting he is really excited and is looking forward to give his students the best experience and learning they can get out of this weekend.

Well, Roman still got some bigger things on his schedule, for example writing the review of his last Beginner's Class in Beckingen or the Duke of Bavaria Event review. Unfortanetly this will not happen this week. The jungle whispers that this week you will mainly see finished miniatures so Roman can catch up of the past here on the blog too.

Also keep in mind that the great MV Mad Max Car Contest 2 comes to an end on Wednesday, 2nd May 2016. Right now we already have 14 confirmed entries.
Finish yours, we can not wait to witness it!

Stay tuned and see you for article voting next week!
Keep on happy painting!


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