MV Jungle Newsflash

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

it has been quiet on the voodoo front. Now it is time to roll up the sleeves again.
Thanks to Peter who showed two of his cool projects the jungle was not completly silent while Roman was on vacation. Roman is back at the desk, painting table and office desk. Vacation is over and Roman spent some great days with friends.

Now it is time to roll up things for Roman and he likes to start with an overview on MV these days.
Let's start with priorisations. Important things first:


MV in the Figure Painter Magazine #31
You can find a pretty cool interview with Raffaele Picca of MV in the actual issue of FPM and also a little jabbadijabbi by Roman to one of his project. Check it out here and get your issue!

MV Mad Max Car Contest 2
As we put a longer deadline to the contest April is the month for you car maniacs to give your workbenches full action. The deadline for your entries is May 2nd 2016. Right now we got 5 cool entries already, but we expect some more due all the cool stuff we were able to witness in the internet. Check all infos about the contest here!

We also got another addition to the small random prize pool of the contest:
A MV Jungle Surprise Box! Check the pool here!

MV Zombie Community Project
You might remember the announcement of MV's big community project were we asked for your help concerning a horde of painted zombies. Of course there are those really cool jungle painters who already helped us. Let's show them:

The community base grows with Zombies: 
Thanks to the early helpers, three different persons, three different zombies, but that envelope was so cool. Thanks to Matthias' daughter who even draw a painting for the MV studio! Thanks to Andi, Matthias from Austria and - dayumn, who painted up the Fatty?

It grows even more as Sergio from Spain added a small gang of painted models and some more models as a donation. Thank you, Sergio!!

Of course Bene and Roman are painting Zombies too whenever there is time. Not only the community base is growing in numbers, also Bene's and Roman's. Thanks to Erik too who is ninja-like adding a painted Zombie once in a while too!

We heard rumors about a lot of french painters going crazy with helping us. Thanks gentlemen, we can not wait to add your models to the gang. We even saw some Zombie kids by approach from this direction.

And we already recieved the next parcel with Zombie support, but it did not make it in this update.
Next one it'll be.

If you want to support the project too,
please check this post with all information!


MV's year of the painter 2
Well, we had two weeks without tutorial voting, but be sure that it starts again tomorrow, without the garbage article messing up the fun. Fresh and new articles waiting for you to read and learn from!

If you want to keep track with an overview on what articles happened so far  via MV's year of the painter 2 please check this link!

MV's Jungle Painter of the Month
This section might be new and we are not sure if we are able to keep it up, but sometimes you just have to do something. This is the time to introduce Chris. A german miniature fanatic and a guy who is regularly visiting MV classes to improve his skills. Beside being a great student with big improvements, Chris is also a very kind and nice person and after he did sent us how happy he is with his brand new MV apron this we have to praise him here as MV's Jungle Painter of the Month!

On the first class Roman encountered Chris as a student it was obvious: This guy will learn fast. Roman recalls even saying: "Such a nice guy, but so many questions!" This is always a good sign for a student. Striving forward since then Chris also took part in Roman's MV's Basing Class earlier this year and finished his first display piece ever:

A letter from Jeff:

"Hey guys! 

After your instruction at the NOVA Open I feel like my work has continued to improve. This weekend I made the cut in Sci Fi single at Crystal Brush (if I'm understanding the website right there were only 5). This may not be a big deal to the guys at the top of the game like you but I was SUPER excited to even be considered next to the winning pieces from guys like Kirill and Camelson. 

Anyway I just wanted to share with you what one of your students was working on and say thanks again for pouring some jungle rocket fuel into an amateur painter's gas tank last fall at NoVA!"

More about this years NOVA OPEN soon! 


So far on this Monday.
Read you tomorrow for tutorial voting.
Keep on happy painting!


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