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Good Morning Jungle,

well, it is still time to vote for tomorrow's article.
Will it be an icecold duel or will we all read about the crashed X-Wing?
Find out here and vote if you not yet did it!

While we wait for the final results there is another small miniature by Hasslefree Roman finished during a recent private coaching as an explanation piece on how to paint true metallics. The model is "Gromli" by Hasslefree. A stubborn dwarf warrior in full war'n'armour-mode.

The miniature was not painted aiming for perfection.
As a explanation piece during the coaching it went rather quick. In fact the coaching with Jörg (review coming in the future) was really interesting also for Roman from the teachers perspective. Jörg is a role-player and is playing adventures with his friends. Therefor he is in need of some painted models. He wanted to learn more stuff since he is only painting for one year though by himself. So the coaching was packed with many, many different topics that have been covered. Gromli was one of the results.

Hasslefree, 28 mm

Hope you like him!
He is also for sale via MV Miniature Art for sale - check here!

Keep on happy painting!


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