MV Wear - Update!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters!

We planned to do this for quite some time and today we finally finished with streamlining our Massive Voodoo Wear store.

We threw out a lot of designs and products that were not that popular and cluttered the shop making it hard to navigate. Now there are only our most favorite designs - and two new products!

The MSV VDO Hoodie and T-Shirt.

The new design being worn by Raffa at the Duke of Bavaria 2016 (with Ben Curry and Mike Schaefer! Cheers guys! )

We printed this design as a test run and so far only Raffa and Roman had them. We were asked by a lot of people where to get the hoodies so others seem to like them too.
So if you like the design too, your can get yours now in the MV Wear store!

And guess what, we are even offering free worldwide shipping when you get two products and use the voucher code 'TWOWOO' at the check out!

But it's only until the 1st of May, so just 6 days left.

We hope you like the new design and also the less cluttered MV Wear store.


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