10 Rules of good preps for going to a Miniature Event

by Massive Voodoo

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a spontaneous article drops in as a little spring surprise.

Many miniature painters will travel to Ingolstadt on this upcoming weekend to go the
"Duke of Bavaria" Miniature Show in Germany:

Roman has been to a lot of miniature events in the past and here and there learned something new. What he always remembers is good preparation to avoid chaos when handling miniatures:

Know what you want to bring several days before the event. In case finish stuff.

Get back to each piece and check if some dust has settled, if so remove it and do minor clean ups (for example: plinth issues).

Check the contest if there is a PDF to fill your registration upfront the contest. There is one for the Duke of Bavaria, you can find it here.

Pack your models and fill out the registration.

Prepare your emergency box and take it with you.

Remember everything you where asked to bring and bring some more.

Click a photo of how you prepared your box, to remember or check back when you pack them again at the show. Here is Roman's example of his first box. Packed while writing down the projects. Second box in preparation.

Check for available time to enter in the competiton and be on time.

Enjoy the weekend!

Keep on happy painting!

(11. Shave.) 

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