Wet in Wet painting fun with Jack, part 2 & 3

by Massive Voodoo

Hello jungle painters,

while I am preparing myself for my 50th Jar's Beginners Class starting this Friday there are some more news on the MassiveVoodoo TV Channel.

We told you that MV is making testruns to find a great way to explain some miniature painting techniques for future videos, which were never seen before. This is a testrun with a newly invented device called


which definatly needs improving for future, more serious videos. We are on it! Oh dear!
This video was also from take two. In take three we made experiments to improve the device. Let's see how this turned out in the next update.

No explanation blablablubb, just painting fun for the testrun right here,
but maybe inspiring for some of you miniature painters outthere!

This video shows Roman enjoying painting the bust called "Handsome Jack" by MrLee'sMinis:

The next video is the last one. 
It is part 3 overall and take 2 where we increased the distance to the model a little bit. Roman did not do any calculations, just added 2 centimeters and much more hot glue to the device to keep it stable. He even started turning the model around while painting. Good improvements, but still not perfect.

Keep on happy painting!


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