Thank you for the support!

by Massive Voodoo

Big thanks to our Jungle Painters who supported MV in August and September with a jungle donation. Their help was used to buy coffee and tea for the studio, sent out two surprise boxes via facebook and definatly some of it went into the studio renovation too.

Thank you!

07.08.2015 Willich, Germany, 22,00 $  
28.08.2015 Balwyn, Australia, 10,00 $  
07.09.2015 Düsseldorf, Germany, 5,00 $  
09.09.2015 Grosswangen, Swiss, 5,00 $
28.09.2015 Balwyn, Australia, 5,00 $

We are sorry for not updating earlier, but as you have seen renovating the studio took most of our precious time recently, but we have a lot of surprises ready for all of you soon!


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