We need your help and signature!

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle Painters,

we want to thank everyone of you who already signed the petition for the preservation for the place called "Kulturpark West", the place where MV's studio is located. Many of you are eager to know how it proceeds so far and for sure we have some information for you.

The initial goal of 5000 signatures was reached with online and local signatures - easily. Thanks to all your help. Right now we have about ~8000 signatures. Raffa and Roman recently had a talk with the heads of the Kulturpark West and gathered some insight:

- We go on to collect signatures.
We are not sure if they will help us in the end as you never know what politicians care or don't care about. We will collect on to raise awareness.

- Many things are running behind the scenes and you can find artists and musicians collect further signatures in the middle of our city. Playing live music, creating live art. They show that the "Kulturpark West" is a part of the city Augsburg.

- At the end of October there will be another study out of the city hall that has some further details on their future plans and ideas. We will see.

Thank you for signing the petition!
And please spread the word to friends, family and more people!


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