A MV fan's letter, by Chris

by Massive Voodoo

Massive Voodoo wants to thank Chris for his kind letter ...

"Hey Roman. 

I just wanted to send you and Raffa a thank you message. 
I started painting minis about 5 years ago and your website has been a huge influence and inspiration for me. Recently I competed at the P3 competition at gencon and the modeling/hobby competition at gencon. I took home my first category trophy at P3 and a second place in large miniature/bust in the modeling/hobby competition. 

A fair amount of my progress has been due to your lessons. I recently even completed a piece using the magic effect technique you talked about last year. Currently 2 of these pieces are on the top last 7 days of the CMON gallery and are on Putty and paint. I just wanted to say thanks for everything. 

And send ta some pics.


Roman wrote back:
"Hey Chris, thank you for saying such a thank you! We are happy that you are so happy and congratz to your trophies! Would you mind if I post this letter by you up to the MV blog? That would be so cool." 

Chris' answer:
"Not at all. Post away. I've really enjoyed your chimaera project and I'm very happy that it reached a conclusion. Especially such a beautiful one. It's great to see you being adventurous and artistic again helps fuel my inspiration and soul to also create art. Also really enjoyed your recent post about mixing colors."


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