MV is back on youtube!!

by Massive Voodoo

eh yo, Jungle!

Well, it's been years since we -
Massive Voodoo - did something on MV's youtube channel.

Now you might ask yourselves:
Wait, you guys have a youtube channel?
Where can I find it? Why did I not know something about it earlier? Why did you not do more on youtube so far? Why are bananas yellow and who made me so tired today?

Well, we do not have all answers of life for you, but yes, MV got a youtube channel. Honestly it became a dry desert since two years as our organisational energies went somewhere else. At least we can tell you where to find a link to MV's youtube channel on your favourite miniature painting blog -
it's up there in the right corner:

Now you might ask yourselves once again:
Now what do you guys plan with your youtube-channel to bring it back like the phoenix out of mountains of ash?

Yes we are back on youtube!! You got that right! What do we plan? 
We plan not to make big promises and not hype future expectations. We do not want to have weekly updates on youtube, we keep that for the blog. In fact we just want to have fun. We own several good cameras, a pretty good camcorder and recently Roman recieved a GoPro at his birthday in ... July, damn time runs fast. 

Due the recent studio renovations Roman even did build up a camera-arm that can hold his GoPro and he thinks about doing some funny video tutorials while painting, maybe even showing live failures and happy little accidents. These are just plans, no promises.

Jungle Logfile 0815
So enough blabladiblubb, we have a Jungle Logfile ready for you. MV's Jungle Logfiles are just simple fun videos, cut from impressions of our daily life as miniature painters, from travels and so on. Just pure fun.

In this Logfile you can even see the chaotic studio that we recently changed. You can see the full glory of MV's HQ chaos in it and maybe - who knows - there will be another one showing off the new studio! Enjoy:

We know this is good news, eh?


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