Statue of Libby & NYC

by Roman aka jar

Aloa Jungle,

time to show another finished miniature,
plus a little talk about some great days in NYC.

Well, this one has a little story on her chest. Her name is "Statue of Libby" and she is from one of my favourite 28 mm miniature companies, Hasslefree.

She was started during one of my painting seminars in Washington D.C. at the Nova Open 2015. Topic of the class was "Painting wet in wet", a class were I taught how to achieve nice and quick results for gaming models. If you want to spent some more time and have a little experience, even for display models.

As you can see on the photo I had my painting travel kit with me. Just some colors, a brush and dirty water. No wet palette, no superlamp.

After explaining the technique on a base I went on and showed the technique on this lady too. I started and let my students give it a try on Libby too. So everyone did a small wet and wet blending sketch there.

After my donations to the NOVA Open Charitable foundation helped to raise funds for charity pretty well (thanks to everyone who helped!) I had the idea to paint her to finish and drop her in charity for next years NOVA Open. Well, I still got that plan, but not with this exact miniature. Why? Read on ...

After our stay in D.C. Raffa and I took the train to New York City to stay at Raffa's grand-cousin. So far he did not know him, but as soon as we meet him and his great wife we made friends for a lifetime. We spent such cool and wonderful days in Brooklyn, had so much great talks, fun and an awesome time with both of them. They treated Raffa as family of course - italian family - but they did the same to me too.

While we're at their place I decided to finish up Libby and give her to them as a true personal gift to say thank you for some really amazing days. I had to fight the little angel sitting on my shoulder, telling me that this paintjob was promised to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation and had to listen to the little demon who told me that I do not have any other miniature with me and this is just so fitting. Well, yeah, demon won and I was able to tell the angel that I paint this model again. I still got another version of her in my drawers.

I mean, I had no other chance to say proper thank you to two wonderful persons who made my first trip to NYC just great and treated me like family.

To round this posting up I'd like to show you some of the photos I took during our trip in NYC. These are just some, I did many more and if you like to see more, let me know via comment and I might be able to show you some more in the coming weeks - once in a while.

Italian food in Little Italy - San Gennaro feast

Raffa and I walked through Central Park - the long way, 2,5 hours, crazy! 

Wall painting 

View from the Empire State building - the place where King Kong died!!


The real Statue of Liberty

No diving and swimming!

Construction worker, taking a break.

Basketball in front of Manhatten skyline ...

I hope you enjoy these. Like I said, if you want to see some more photos of our trip, let me know via comment and I prepare some more for future days.


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