Handsome Jack, Vault 23

by Roman aka jar

It's been days since the vault opened up. 
I went out in the sun to find a new world. 
I only found war, madness, hunger, 
pain and my instinct for survival. 
I am so alone, but the mojo is rising. 

 Jack, Vault 23


You can also find him on Putty&Paint.

Had my fun painting this bust from MrLee'sMinis.
If you want one write to mrleesminis(at)gmail.com.

Nothing to fency, just my interpretation of "Handsome Jack".
Painted in some hours, on two days for a video test run.
You can see step by step painting here on video, no explanations, just painting.

You'll find a detailed Miniatures Unpacked soon on Massive Voodoo.

I am big fan of the computer games series "Fallout" and Bethesdea announced part 4 and my heart is jumping - why? - see here! 

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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