MV Studio Renovation is done!

by Massive Voodoo

Good Tuesday Morning Jungle Painters,

well, we made it.  

Massive Voodoo's headquarter renovations are over.

We estimated ten days for it and ended up with about about twelve until we reached the point to call it over. For sure some minor things have to be done and cleaned up, but we are on it and as times are busy these days we already started working again - what can we say: It feels just too good!

We did this because of several different reasons:

- Sanne moved out (sad, but left us with more space)
- Erik, a painter friend moved in
- We did not feel comfortable anymore in the old place
- More professional working space was needed: Bene, Raffa, Erik and Roman all have their own workspace now and we have two additional seats for future private coachings.
- Everythind needed more structure and sense behind it (electricity, light situations, storage, etc.)

You can see the progress of the renovation work here:
Early start

Allright, now we will take you on a small tour through our freshly forged Painter's Paradise.

A simple black door greets the jungle visitor now. 
Future Plans see Massive Voodoo written on top of the black one day.

When you open that door the view into a freshly painted room is clear and bright. The black outside door turns white on the inside.

If you enter you might recognize strange things on the wall beside the door. The hallway is packed with great memories.

Inside to your right you can see the painter's relax area. Books, an old radio, a place to sit down and relax. And well, yes, some stuff that still has to be cleaned up and moved away. We even got a plant - let's see how long it survives.

That plant again, stuff that we still have to deal with and on every one of our two windows you can now see proper blinders. More storage room in the never used jutties.

Still you can look outside the window, enjoy a cup of tea and watch sunsets from this point. Wonderful.

To the right of the painter's relax area you find a small but comfortable kitchen area. To make tea, coffee and take something out of the fridge. Simple, but effective.
Even the fridge was cleaned and our collection of magnets tells its own story.

If you look back to the door you once entered you find the place for the cabinets and a great painting Sanne did for Roman. A small wardrobe and shoes.

Looking into the main hall you can find the big and massive Miniature Painter's table. It is so huge, so good, but still we have some things on our to-do-list which are yet missing the big plan. Enough storage solution sorround the table, but still also here we are missing curtains.

Well, we planned to do a video log of the renovation madness, but unfortanetely we do not find the time to cut the video material as work and painting time demands our attention and this feels good.

If you leave the room and enter back in the hallway again you get confronted by a wall of great memories and inspiration. This wall is not done yet, but in fact it keeps the studio itself clean and sharp and bright if not every wall inside is crowded with these.

So far from the painting monkeys of Massive Voodoo!
We are on it and do some happy painting!

Keep on doing the same!
Best Wishes
Your MV-Team


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