Monte San Savino Show 2015

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Miniature Painters,

soon it's about time. One of the most epic and biggest miniature shows on this planet will happen again in a small town somewhere in the outbacks of Tuscany, Italy.

The Monte San Savino Show 2015 is approaching with big steps and MV is looking forward to see many of you there!

This year the show is even more special than the years before: it is the 10th Anniversary of the show and that means the hosts and everybody attending will go crazy celebrating this! We heard rumors about crazy surprises, great food, great drinks and great people attending.

The list of special guests is also already out:

Painting demonstrations: Matteo Murelli; Roberto Ramirez Gutierrez; Roman Lappat 
Sculpting demonstrations: Nello Rivieccio; Kostas Kariotelis; Antonio Guardini Zapatero

Star Guest for this year: Raul Garcia LA TORRE (SPA)

President of Jury: Fabio Nunnari
The judges for the contest that have confirmed their presence are:
Mariano Numitone, Mario Venturi, Stefano e Pasquale Cannone, Massimiliano Richiero, Andrea Tessarini (ITA); Diego Esteban Perez (SPA); Pedro Fernandez Ramos (SPA); Stephen Mallia (MAL); Louis D'Orio; Steve Party (FRA) ; Anna Shestakova (RUS).

This year there will also be a very special category: Show your first miniature!
Very funny and cool idea of our italian friends. Everybody will go crazy with this category. Forget about Master Painting Categories, this is where everybody wants to look and see how everybody was painting his first. His very first.

Well, of course you will find some MV monkeys in Monte.
We are looking forward to enjoy this great event all together!

See you soon and do not forget to 
register online for the contest!


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