Kong's WIP-thoughts - June #01

by Roman aka jar

Time goes by, eh?
May was beautiful but it seems June will be even better with hopefully less rain. The last of my personal WIP posts is a while back, you can find it here if you like.

So what happened? Well, the Orc and the Beastman bust both were finished. Now it is time to focus on the Toad King by Aradia Miniatures for the next weeks. Progress can be seen here:

This simple sketch helped me a lot to conquer my base idea for this figure:

I am in the middle of paintwork on that base and soon will be able to bring it all together. Early WIP steps on the base. Quak!

What else? 

Mmh, a gift from France arrived, thanks to Dez!
So cool that Gorilla is and he already found a friend and a banana.

Well, during the last workshops the gang of demonstration demonettes grew. 
All not really 100% finished, but as finished as I took them from the class. I hardly find time to paint on the models myself on Sunday so the students are going much further than me. Well, it is still beautiful to see them grow, this lady gang:

Another one of them was finished to be a gift to a great couple in Austria, who really always make me feel like home :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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