Sanne painted Frank's figures

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Sanne here and I hope you remember me?

A few months ago a friend of mine (Frank) visited me in the studio once, saw the zombie and the green gorilla bust that I had painted so far, and then asked if I want to paint some gaming figures for him. So I came to my first job in miniature figure painting.

He brought six figures and told me, which colors they should become and then I started. All aiming for gaming quality.

I had most of the fun with the nightmare monster! It has many small areas, so there was not so much space for large gradients and this was easier to paint for me. And I also found it cool sculpted.

Generally, bases are always fun for me.
Here, in difference it was nice to just put some earth on it. For the nightmare monster Raffa has carved out some small extra-magic stones from plastic, which I put around the monster and also painted them blue. Thus, the blue color also appears in the base again, what offers a better overall impression.

I have always fun by "getting to know" the characters. At the beginning - in front of a white metal figure I've always detect problems.  After the application of the primer you still can discover a lot, but only atduring the painting you can see all the little details. For example, I found the armor and weaponry of one of the knights very amusing: Holding a swing with smoke and a little angel with a bell on top. That would definitely exactly be the weapons that I would choose for a fight! :)

I disliked the blonde knight. I didn't like him from the beginning. His head is just too big and he was so stuck together that it seemed almost impossible for me to somehow be able to paint his face. So I decided to make him fit in golden armor and with blond hair, because I kind of dislike this uncool look too.

During painting these figures, I started to notice a little progress in my work. I was definitely becoming faster. I started with the flesh golem which took a long time compared to the other figures. First I applied the fundamentals, then a wash. After the washing I didn't like him anymore. I thought I did something wrong. So I tried to fix that until I eventually got tired and gave up. But now he seems not so bad
painted to me anymore.

The way of working after the flesh golem was quick and easy – for my standards. 
Base colors, lights and shadows. Done. 
My general problem is the gradient to larger areas (by example legs). These get usually blotchy and unclean. But I'm just learning how to handle with acrylic paints on miniature. It just depends on the right amount of water and color pigments on the brush tip, what is still difficult to deal for me.
To learn this procedure is a question of patience. I'm lucky to have also patient teachers who show me again and again and this is also getting better, slowly but steady.

To paint the six figures was fun, but I'm looking forward to have more time to work on other single projects again and learn something new.


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