Building the perfect Paintrack - The journey!

by Massive Voodoo

We want to tell you a little bit about a journey that accompanies us for the last months.
Everything started with the painting class in Blumberg that Roman, Raffa and Sanne were traveling to in March. 

While packing up their stuff, Raffa's old paint rack broke and he had to put all his colors into cardboard boxes to take them with him to the class.

Very time consuming and it wasn't the first time having problems with these flimsy paint racks.

After the paintclass, when arriving back Raffa cerebrated... 
What would the perfect paint rack look like?

- Offering a lot of space for colors while still beeing compact on the desk.
- Able to reduce it in size to do different tasks on the table with maximum space.
- Needs to be able to store all brands and kind of colors.
- While transported the colors need to stay in place.
- It should be elevated to have some space under it to put stuff there.
- Needs to be rock solid!

That was quite a list and finding a solution for all the demands wasn't easy but he came up with a concept that looked pretty cool. After talking with the others in the studio we made some alterations to the design and build a first prototype in 3D.

As we now got a circular saw bench in the studio, Raffa went straight to work and one day of work later, he produced this:

Painted black it looks pretty cool. While Roman is not a big fan of paint racks, painted black, even he liked it.

After Raffa posted these photos on Facebook a lot of people asked for one of those paintracks.
And so, the journey really started.

Painters have all kind of stuff...
perfect brushes, perfect colors, perfect lamps, perfect minis. But paint racks still like they were 10 years ago.

Raffa put his brain on 110% to think about the perfect paintrack that we could bring to you.

The friends on Facebook, Roman and the others in the studio had some more ideas and things to improve regarding the prototype ... making the paintrack so that Vallejo sized bottles could also be stored in the drawer of the paintrack (and it can be closed).

A lot of people said that a transportable version would be awesome, so we considered that.
It should be very solid and it should be laser cutted, so it can be assembled by everyone at home.

We already spent a lot of hours on the design and concept, making prototypes, building them, finding stuff together with the others that can be improved.
That above was the first physical, real prototype of the paint rack we received, what an awesome feeling!

It was already very cool, but a lot of stuff could still be improved.
We found that assembly was still too complicated and needed almost half a day.

It was a real evolution, from one prototype to the next, small things were made better and better...

We also decided to give the idea of a transportable paint rack a go.
Just imagine, one step and you could take the rack over your shoulder and carry all your stuff to your friends place, hobby store, painting class or painters meeting... or just put it away to make even more space on your desk (after all the whole rack is just 12cm, less than 5inch deep).

A concept for a transport box was made and Raffa's brain almost melted in finding a simple, reliable solution how to make this thing work.

The latest prototype is just awesome, so much stuff was improved from the first version and we are really proud of the transport box.
Everyone we showed it to so far was thinking the same way, just a cool idea and a really solid thing!

We improved the assembly a lot, now it's really easy to put everything together.

So many different prototypes were produced, but in the end it was really worth it.

In the next weeks, more will be shown of this new project, keep your eyes peeled!
We don't want to give up to much of the final paint rack details and features, but believe us one thing, this will change the way you organize your painting table AND your hobby travels.

Your Massive Voodoo Team


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