Juva, 1883

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle painters,

today I am able to show you another finished project of mine.

It is pretty hard to say it was fun as the theme/topic of this figure really makes me very sad. I got myself into reading a lot about the injustice that happened to the continent of Africa and no need to say it: still is on today. By reading a history magazin which explained the so far known depths of african culture and early history I really found myself stuck deep in a topic which ... ya, I got no words for what I feel about it, but I read on and discovered and learned a lot for myself.

That is why I took the chance to put those feelings into a miniature to try to explain.

I had the chance to get my hands on an upcoming release by Forged Monkey, called "Jamal",
but my personal goal was to do a conversion of him, but enough talk, I let photos of that bust speak now:

Juva, 1883
Conversion of Forged Monkey's Jamal

The bust itself is not big, rather small, but it was a joy to learn how to approach such a small but meaningful conversion, how to tackle to paint such a dark skin tone and well I truely learned a lot and prepared a full article about the project for our massive voodoo readers, coming to the jungle in future tutorial voting. I entered the bust in the 5th-Dimension's actual painting contest in category "Tall Tales", a category that is searching for story telling. My personal thoughts on the topic are visible for me in the result and tell a story in this small bust. What do you think?

If  you want to see more photos of Juva,
please follow the link to Putty & Paint.

Following you can find a little size comparision to see how big the bust is - with my ordinary hand:

And a little preview on the article that is soon to speak about the making of "Juva, 1883":

Keep on happy painting and a great weekend to you all!
Best Wishes


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