Kong's WIP-thoughs - June #03

by Roman aka jar

Olá Jungle Painters, 

time for another one of my personal WIP-thoughts during beautiful June.
The last one can be found behind this link.

Well, what is happening at my table?

I am still working on the Toad King by Aradia Miniatures. It really became a bigger project than expected in the beginning but also a true joy to see it grow. I am closing in to finish it this week or the next one, not sure how it turns out.

The everyday studio with lamps burning bright ...

Did work on more greens for the base ...
 and more plants ...

and more greens on painting the frog... a WIP-photo:

 Meanwhile the frog is painted to 98% finish and is already glued to the base. Now it is time to bring in some of his frog friends, the army of "quakidiquak!" and then put these to the base. When this is done the whole piece gets detail final work, but first it is time to go mad with these little animals from Busch, some from Mantis Miniatures and one bigger frog sculpted by Raffa.

Well, beside this green madness I ran into a topic while reading a lot of the history of Africa and I am working on a yet unrealesed sculpt by Forged Monkey, called Jamal. I make a conversion of him which is truely fun, changing his whole appearance to the character I want to speak of -WIP - hair/beard conversion done with BeesPutty:

Like I told you - to both projects you will see massive articles dropping into your jungle in the future. So please don't worry if not all information is shared at the moment. Now to something else on the table. Last weekend a good friend of mine had birthday and I know he likes to drink Whisky, so my girlfriend and I went to buy him some. I found this great bottle and well, it even tastes ... mjam, mjam.

Thanks to Jens, the Leonidas from Switzerland who sent us a very cool postcard from his trip to the H.R. Giger museum. Thanks for the kind words, Jens and yes, RIP Giger.

So far so good, my WIP-thoughts out.
Keep on happy painting and always rememberr what the buffalos used to say!
Best Wishes


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