Raffa's Work in Progress - Roknar Orkbroth

by Raffa

Goooood morning everyone!

The weather is really insane at the moment, it's around 30 °C here in Germany and very hot in the studio. My sculpting clay feels like butter, but nothing can stop me from sculpting!

I started a simple head sculpt some weeks ago and last week I decided that I continue on the orc head.

At first I was a bit stuck with the concept. Armor, leather straps? Clothing, fur, leather armor?
Not so easy, but in the end an idea a bit older came back.

A while ago I planned to do a 'Ragnar Lothbrok' (from the show 'Vikings') bust, but someone else was a bit faster and so I trashed the idea.
Now it came back... why not do a orcish version of Ragnar?
And so Roknar Orkbroth was born :)

The plan was to give him some very simple clothing (compared to fat, orcish armor) and leather armor. Not a very typical orc, more a orc norseman.
The plan is to give him an optional shoulder armor pad to make him more fantasy orcish, but just optional to please different tastes!

Finished the first sketch for his beard and hairstyle.

The body sketch was done and the beard, face and hair got more attention.

The latest photo showing the preparation for his leather armor vest. Doing patterns like this requires a lot of patience ...

Just a small size comparison. Lately I really tried to stay a bit smaller because I noticed my busts got bigger and bigger :-)

I completely removed the previous version of the pattern, it was too uneven and did it again.
Here you can also see itwas now sculpted with a different 'weaving pattern'.

The first half inch is almost finished, just a little bit of smoothing and it should be fine...
Sometimes I just hate myself when doing such stuff, this little part of the pattern already took around 4 hours.

I hope you like the progress so far, it's far from finished and still a lot to do!

Best wishes,


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