Fire Elemental by Drakerys the Game

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I finished a rather quick, just for fun, paintjob of a Fire Elemental by Drakerys.

At the beginning I was really clueless what base I could use for this figure.
I wanted to do something that looked like scorched earth or something burning.

When I got the idea how to pull it off, somehow I got a bit crazy with the technique, you will for sure get a small tutorial about it very soon :)

I really aimed for a paintjob that lives more from the strong effect than from clean paintstyle, but I really like the result.

Thanks again to our friends at Don't Panic Games for the figure, it was a real joy to paint!

I wish you best luck with your ongoing Kickstarter 'Drakerys, the miniature game', it will be a really great game, I'm sure!

Best wishes,


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