Kong's WIP-thoughts - June #02

by Roman aka jar


sunny June brings another update to my WIP-table,
the last one can be seen here.

This time also with photos, but finally with a little more blabla from my side. I am still working on my Toad King from Aradia Miniatures. The initial plan was to finish this project for the little contest Aradia Miniatures announced about that specific model, but I will fail in finishing it in time. Sad, no?
I am looking forward to see many other cool entries in this contest, even mine is not between them.

I made the decision because the project grew to a lot of personal fun to me and I would need to rush through the end of the project to finish it in time for the competition. This thought does not feel good and so I decided to give my version of the Toad King the time it needs.

At them moment the Toad King himself still looks like I left him some weeks ago, still WIP, looking forward to paint much more on him.

Working most of the time on the basepainting at the moment.

Starting to bring in some green to the abandoned Tire Shop, so far only moss at the moment, but the sign got glued in place already. Soon it is time for grass and more pest plants. Indeed a lot of fun it is:

Well, beside I enjoyed painting on a "long timer", sculpted by no other than Mr. Steve Party. She is still not finished, but it was a healthy holiday from all those Juweela bricks on the base. Such a tiny sculpt, Mr. Party is truely mad and awesomly skilled. Let's see how my painting will bring that sweet character to life if I manage to handle her. I was not really motivated to get it on with her as I had to resculpt two fingers of her left hand. And I should have put more time into cleaning up the model before starting to paint her, well, I am killing that mould line on her arm soon or find another solution to hide it. She is such a fragile sculpt and those fingers don't make me totally happy for the moment, but let's see what will happen on that base when she is done.

In my mind I am working on a future project with a very sad topic, already collecting inspiration, but no idea when this will be done. It is already growing in the inside, but other projects have higher priority:

I am recieving a lot of questions about how I did that or that on that base - well I can say the WIP folder on my computer machine is already filled with around 300+ photos (good article photos, not those crappy smartphone blurry filter ones) for a big article or even some big articles about it. I just ask for your patience.

That's it for today. I will jump the bike now to ride to the Studio and work some more on my WIPs. Also I got to prepare some ideas for a sweet dungeon base as we got private coaching going on during Wednesday and Thursday with the main topic: Basing.

So far, keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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