Mu 53 - Aran, the Barbarian

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters, 

this beautiful morning we are happy to present to you another Miniatures Unpacked.

This time we are taking a closer look on a very cool figure, which is not available in a regular store but with email request and with only 100 copies made, as far as we know. We talk about ...

Enrique Velasco aka Emuse contacted the jungle to have a look on this model and so we did. It is a beautiful piece even the theme of the figure is nothing uncommon. He reminds us a little bit of Heroquest or Dungeon & Dragons. A cool barbarian dude in a striking cool pose.

The model arrives in a plastic blister with foam inside and a card showing the beautiful promo paintjob.

Opening up the blister you find a base, legs, torso, swordarm, shield with fist all cast in white metal.

The quality of the cast is very good, only subtile mould lines had to be removed. Easy going there.
The fitting of the parts is also good, but some small gaps have to be filled.

The pose of this character really invites to a dungeon scene and Raffa and Roman already used the model for explanation on a dungeon base during the last private coaching with Matthias.

Test with the promo paintjob card

And the WIP bases of Roman and Raffa. Dungeon-party-time:

Well, a really a nice character and a classic hero of old, long forgotten Fantasy genres. No overdoing here, a very unique sculpting style, a beautiful mix of realism and comic, just like Heroquest but much cooler.

If you are interested in getting your copy of Aran, the Barbarian write an email to
aranthebarbarian---at---gmail---dot---com to order.

Keep on happy painting and take care while strolling the dungeons!
Your MV-Team


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