Induna, Ashral Shaman

by Roman aka jar


recently MV unpacked for you the cool Orc model from Drakerys - the Miniature Game,
a Orc Shaman, sculpted by Allan Carrasco in 32 mm.

What I can say is that I truely enjoyed painting this fella.
First I was little confused while preparing him for painting as the resin he is cast in was so bright and it was hard for me to realize the details on the sculpt that I will paint later. This changed from the moment when he got primed. A really cool model, great details and character for 32 mm scale. I did build a simple base to him, just some desert ground with less vegetation and a dusty skull.

Induna, Ashral Shaman
Don't Panic Games, 32 mm

You can find more photos of him on Putty&Paint if you are interested.
Well, needless to say that Massive Voodoo's year of the painter will bring you a step by step through this fella too, eh?

I hope you like him. Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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