Tutorial: How to create Newspapers

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning jungle,

Massive Voodoo's year of the painter is proud to bring you the last winner of the latest article voting: A tutorial that explains how you can do newspapers for your bases. Thanks to everybody who takes part in the voting as your vote counts.

This article is written by Roman and we jump right into his brain. Now.

While I was finishing the wasteland base for the project "Her name is Hope" I wanted to create a more tense post-apocalyptic athmosphere. I decided to go for old worn newspapers on the ground and this little article will explain my steps:

Take cigarette rolling paper and a blade or a pair of scissors.

As the middle is already folded, I am interested in cutting out the middle stripe including the folded area. Try to make your cut straight. Try to make it ultr-straight if you want to do brand new newspaper, if you want to create worn newspaper it is not that important.
Again, use the blade to cut several pages out of that one stripe.
 I used matt varnish and a toothphick to place those "pages" on top of eachother.

Try to take care that the pages are not stick together.
Use the toothpick for detail page spreading work.
If you want single worn out newspaper pages just use some of the thin cigarette rolling paper and lay some waste upon them via your blade. Carefully.
 Don't wait until the matt varnish is dry on your prepared pieces. Place them to your base until they are still wet, so you are able to form them in place. If needed use some more matt varnish to place them where you want to place them.

After the matte varnish was dry I used dark/black brown colour I started to write something, really bla bla on the newspapers with a brush. No real words here, I just had in mind to bring the impression of text there.

Next I used Army Painters "Strong Tone" to wash the newspapers and make them really dirty and worn out. That is also the reason why the text that you write on there is not that important: It's getting dirty again. You can repeat that step to decide the stage of your newspaper. You can also use whatever wash you want to use.

Well,  this is how they look in the end. While placing them it was important for me to use the toothpick again here and there to make the pages catch the wind. This added more drama to the scene.

Feel invited to leave a comment about your thoughts, questions or just something else!

So far, keep on happy basing!
Best Wishes
Roman and the MV-Team


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