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by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle,

this is important News, please take your time to read it properly.

In September 2014 Massive Voodoo is celebrating its 5th Birthday.
Yes, five years of the painting jungle blog. Unbelievable how fast time runs, eh?
We are constantly trying to bring our readers interesting miniature painting related content, do creative competitions, write our own painting experience in form of articles and tutorials and enjoy and share the bright side of happy painting with you all. That is what Massive Voodoo is and always will be.

But, a blog is nothing without its readers and the ladies and gentleman who are showing their interest in what drops in to the blog. So this honest "Thank you" goes to all of you who read it right now. We even go a step further instead of just saying "Thank you" or throwing more free stuff and gifts at you.
Instead we ask for your help!

The Massive Voodooo Umbrella?
Well, some of you might already have recognized that in the past few weeks a new blog author arrived in the jungle, his name is "Massive Voodoo". This author stands for the whole MV-Team, which is a big family under the jungle canopy. With his blogposts the Team speaks, everyone involved in the team and the plan is to put more official Massive Voodoo stuff, announcements, reviews, tutorials and more under the Massive Voodoo Umbrella.

The personal accounts will not be closed, don't you worry.
Massive Voodoo will still stay personal and further plans will put the Team as a whole more in focus in future days ahead.

We are in the middle of "Testing" with this way of blogging to find out in which topics it makes sense to speak as the team and in which not. Here is were you come into play by giving us feedback. If you read a blogpost on the blog, check for its author in the upper right corner on top of the post. If you think some posts sound strange when they are written from the Massive Voodoo Team or in this particular content the new author does not fit, give us your feedback via email to:

Why do we ask you and not just do what we like?
Well, as said before a blog is nothing without its readers and we want our readers to be happy while they read. Let us know what you think and help us in this case.

Thanks for taking your time reading this!
Your MV-Team


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