Work in Progress - Sha'un - Ram Tribe Warrior

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

As I finally got some resin copies of my goat bust, I started to paint my own version of it.
I really wanted to go for a very natural and earthy look so I used a lot of browns to paint most of the parts. You can get see the sepia kind of look.

First I basecoated the whole bust black, some parts were painted seperately to make all of the areas easier to reach. There's nothing more annoying than having to do a stupid brush dance around small corners.

I started with airbrushing some browns onto the whole fur and skin areas and slowly started to increase contrasts. On the skin areas I worked more into yellowish tones, on the beard I used more greys to make him look a bit older and wiser :)

I tried to work evenly on all skin and fur areas. I really don't like to finish one area of one part (skin and fur is one part in my opinion) completely and then have to work on other areas where I got to do all work. A lot of reddish and orange glazes were used to bring more life to the face. More grey was used to make the beard more interesting.
I also painted the metal parts and some of the leather parts black to seperate it visually from the skin.

More and more work was invested in the skin area. The lips got some blue tint to make them more interesting. Blue and green was added very gently to the skin parts and the reddish parts were made even more intense. I also tried to add some skin variation by adding little pigment dots into the skin and also added some rheum to the eyes, I think it makes it more realistic and animalistic.

Many small details were painted, like the leather straps and charms on his necklace.
The horns got some attention.. phew they really took their time to paint, but I think it was worth it.
I still have to add a lot more color variation to the horns and leather parts.
Still some time to spend on this guy! I am really looking forward to the metals...
What do you think? 
In which way should the armor parts be painted?
Tell me your ideas!

Best wishes,


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