Kong's WIP-thoughts - May #01

by Roman aka jar

May is beautiful, 
the weather is a mix of rain and sun and soon summer is approaching.
Always like May because of that perspective.

The last of my personal WIP posts is a while back, you can find it here if you like.

So what is happening on my table this young days of May?

Further work on the Frog King's base

Painting a cool figure by the upcoming Drakerys Kickstarter at the moment.
Learn why I had to sculpt that ear myself on that master in an upcoming Miniatures Unpacked
and know that a step by step about the painting process is in preparation.

Quick mobile photo of the actual WIP, done in front of a Hangar 18 background.
Sorry for the poor quality, but as mentioned a fulll step by step is in prep with good photos:

Lazy on a rainy day.

After Massive Voodoo decided to unfortanetly not travel so often in 2014 I can only speak for myself and can say that I do miss the people I did miss on events that we've missed. Hope that explanation was correct. Beside that pain of missing other painters and friends I can say it is healthy to not travel every two weekends like we did in 2013. So it is great to find time for healthy stuff like a visit to a local funfair for example ;)

Mjam. Mjam.

Well, another bust I am working on at the moment is an upcoming future release by Forged Monkey, which will be available soon. Still WIP but closing in to a final stage of work and indeed this goat is a lot of fun as you might see on the photos (but still stupid mobile ones). Proud to say that Massive Voodoo's year of the painter will bring you some articles and step by steps through this bust, all on different cool versions which were recently spotted on the horizon. One day in the future.

Well, I think this look on my table is over.
Take care and don't drive too fast in your car!

Keep on happy painting all over the globe!


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