Review: Duke of Bavaria 2014

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey ladies and gentleman,

time is running fast and a whole week has passed since the Duke of Bavaria Show last weekend.
Peter is writing up his personal review of the event and the days before. Massive Voodoo hopes you enjoy!


For me the Duke is one of the most important shows every year.
As it´s quite near my home by heart Augsburg it´s always a nice chance to spend some time with the rest of the MassiveVoodo Crew. So this year, after a week of painting at home I arrived in Augsburg on Thursday. My heart jumped as I met Max again who was already at Roman and Raffa´s place for some days. Sadly I missed Kyle aka M R Lee who has been in Augsburg for private coaching and who left early thursday morning. I also had the honor the meet Bastian, a nice guy from Gelsenkirchen. Together we spend a nice evening in the studio and waited for the first of the Pumpkin Painters, the incredible Kurt to arrive.

Friday came far too fast and while the gang stayed in the Studio I jumped into the car and headed for Ingolstadt. I was curious about the new location. Because the museum had to renovate some part of the castle in which the Duke usually takes place, the show had to move to the "Reduit Tilly", a stronghold build in the 18th century.

 old place
new place

A very interesting and unusual sight... the new location was so much different from the usual one. Long corridors which guided you towards the show-room. Small "rooms" for every vendors and an impressive, somehow epic atmosphere. It is obvious this fortress was never built to house a noble, only soldiers would have walked through these corridors.


Beside the impressions of the location it was amazing to meet so many painters, especially the ones I know for some years now. It felt like having a big family meeting. Everybody is happy and your brain is overwhelmed by the many chats and impressions of painted miniatures. So, not far from losing my consciousness by a brainoverload out of happiness me and Phil headed back to Augsburg. We were ready for the next day.

Saturday is usually the busiest day during the show. As the accreditation for the contest ends by 12am a lot of painters are up to prepare their displays. After this the chatting starts. Everybody enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and discussions about paintjobs were omnipresent. While the judges attended to their duty time was running fast and soon it was time to head for the restaurant and have a nice evening.

Sunday was the last chance to have a look at the masses of miniatures. I was surprised to see that the historical section wasn´t as strong as in the last years. But that might have been the effect of the upcoming World Model Expo in July in Stresa. Many painters from Spain or Italy might have saved their money in favour of the bigger show. Fortunately there were more entries in the fantasy section then ever before. From year to year the contingent of fantasy miniatures at the Duke increases and I´m happy to recognize the rising amount of creativity in our hobby.

But enough of my words. The pictures shall talk for their own.
Thanks to Bastian and Roman for their skill with the camera ;)


Some photos of the prize ceremony.
At this point thanks to the staff of the Duke of Bavaria for their hard work during all that weekend to make it so great for us, the visitors!

The special Massive Vooodoo "Most creative Award" was handed out to Aleksander Michelloti for his very inspiring and unusual, ultracreative display, showing the story of the little prince, beautifully arranged beside more of his creative entries.

The MV-Team hopes you enjoyed this review.
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Peter and your MV-Team


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