Inspirational Hadoken!

by Raffa

Hey everyone!

it's time for me to post some of the links that I collected in the last time!
Let's just start and don't waste much letters for bla bla

Very interesting art blog. Something completely different, but for sure worth a look!
Dongwook Lee
Crazy, crazy Corean sculptor... give me shivers.

Muddy Colors
What to say about this awesome blog? It's awesome! One of the best reads I know.
10 Things using black
Very nice insight about the graceful but dangerous shadow above every artist known as black.

Kris Lewis
Awesoem paintings! Nothing more to say here... except: Check out these skin tones!

Character Design References
Crazy collection of references on Pinterest.... absolutely worth checking out if you are sculpting.

Movies in Color
Color palettes for very recognizable movie scenes, very interesting to see.

About Oxidation 
On the spanish blog "PINCEL Y MASILLA" they show a variety of metals and how they look when they oxide!

that's it so far, I got much more but I really have to filter them to don't have a too overwhelming list :)
I hope you like those links and you may find inspiration in it!

Best wishes,


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