Mu 48 - Rocco

by Massive Voodoo

Welcome to Miniatures Unpacked n° 48, this time unpacking Rocco and all the goodies that came as campaign stretchgoals.

Today the parcel from the campaign reached our letterbox and so we instantly decided to bring you a MU :)

Image courtesy of Figone -

Let's start with the content of the parcel and the packaging.
This is the air cushion envelope everything was send in. Unfortunately there wasn't the signed copy of the Rocco concept art neither the Certificate of Authenticy of the first edition cast run that was normally included in the selected perk.
But we concentrate on the figures for now and not on the campaign itself.
The packaging of Rocco the figures was a bit unspectacular and adventuresome, but apart from one really small part, everything arrived safe and sound.

These are all the parts of the basic version of Rocco, phew a lot of parts to glue together, but this baby is a real beast size wise!
Allan Carrasco surely had no fun cutting this monster in those small pieces, but he did a great job!

Let's start to get a deeper look how the legs fit onto the torso halves.
One leg is a bit off and needs some gap filling...

 But the other look pretty nice! No big mold lines on the legs so far, at least nothing that can't be easily scraped away using a hobby knife.

 Another nice fit.

 And a bit of a problem and a small chip on the right back leg, easily fixed using some putty.

 Just a part that is really, really awesome... the way Allan sculpted the hands is just fantastic.

 Not so nice: some really bad mold lines on the bottom of both body halves.

 And the other half. This will be some work to fix.

The fitting of both halves is also not perfect, this will need some putty and sanding to get it right.

Especially on the part with the fur it will be taking some time.

A little air bubble at the end of the tail, nothing too bad, easily fixed with putty. The rest of the tail looks great.

Now that's some nice casting, all the details are there, no air bubbles, no mold lines.

The same on the greatly sculpted body of Rocco.

The really cool head of Rocoo, the hair on this head is really fantastic. It's hardly visible on the photo... but it's really great!

The stone that the beast will be standing on, the fitting is pretty good and filling up the gap is no problem, it's just a stone after all.

The nice side of the saddle, again good casting and a great sculpt.

 The bad side... fixing the rim of this saddle will be a lot of work and almost impossible for anyone that is not good at sculpting.

This is the extra banner that was unlocked via the campaign stretchgoals, it's a nice alternative for Rocco. Casting is again pretty good on these parts. You can see a really small part that broke away ( guess from shipping ).

Now that's it for Rocco, overall it's a very impressive miniature (if you can still call it that... it's really massive). The casting got some flaws that are sometimes easily fixed, but some casting errors will take time and experience to fix which is not so nice.

Now we will show photos of the stretch goal figures.
Helmutt: A really cool little sculpt, the casting quality is really good and this little fella is surely really fun to paint!

Carmina: Another really nice sculpt, again the casting is really good, just some small things to cut away and to clean.

Tahar' Ama: The third sculpt that was added to the campaign as a Christmas gift for all backers, really nice of figone :)

We hope you liked this Miniatures Unpacked and it may helps you in your decision :)

Your Massive Vooodoo Team!


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