A nice time!

by Roman aka jar


time to tell about a nice visit our MV headquarter studio recieved recently.
Thorsten and Melanie have been around Munich to visit friends and asked if they could jump by in Augsburg for a painting evening. You might remember Thorsten as he was one of MV's private coaching students, before we even had the studio. Find a review from June 2012 here.

Melanie brought selfmade super-tasty-Batman-cookies!!

Anna (my girlfriend) and Sanne were there too in the early beginning of the painting evening.
While we all concentrated on our projects the only one without a real task was Melanie. First she was pretty shy when we proposed to her that she could build a base or paint a figure as she is not into the hobby at all. Thorsten is and she supports Thorsten in every aspect but unfortenatly she was not up to paint with him and me ...

Well, for a little while at least. Melanie was struck by all the creativity that sorrounded her and she began to prepare something for a friends wedding party. Colours involved and she had fun.

Thanks for the great evening, chats and nice music you put on for a little change in the studio! And thanks for the BATMAN-cookies!!!

Unfortanetly the MV studio is not open for such visits everyday as we are doing our daily work there, but once in a while meeting up with friends is healthy. Thanks for the nice time!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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