WHF Chaos Lord

by Roman aka jar

"When you stand at the gate of Hel,
and when you have to tear free,
I will follow you,
past the gates of Gjöll with my song."


WHF Chaos Lord
Games Workshop, 28 mm


This miniature stands close to Gjöll, eh? 
Well, I really had my fun with this one as I always wanted to paint up this Games Workshop model, but always avoided it because of its price. Lately I choose to paint him up as a future gift to a nice person and I enjoyed the figure a lot. I did a small conversion to the head as in my oppinion a warrior of chaos should wear a bad ass helmet.  I nailed a Mantic Games Zombie hand to his shoulder armour and while painting I gave the new Scale75 metallics a try. I recently bought myself the gold and the silver metall set and let them slowly come inside my painting. They are really good, that is my first impression.

Hoping that you might like this warrior of Chaos as I really enjoyed painting him. I can already tell you that Massive Voodoo's year of the painter has a whole step by step prepared for this one too. Let's see what the next tutorial voting might bring to you to decide for.

Keep on happy painting and don't bath in Gjöll!


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