Wow! MV's heart goes BOOM!

by Roman aka jar


just recieved some mails that really makes the jungle heart go "BOOM" ... thanks for such nice words about the work we do ...


"I think that MV sets different standards in the modelling community, as did we with our show internationally and some other stuff, like workshops etc., on a more national level. So somehow I feel a good connection between MV and us. If you are ok with it, I already invite you guys back for next year... "

Robert, Head of the SMC

"I received the book and all the awesome inspiration that is contained within its covers. Well done gents! The book is a big favorite already with several of my staff members here at sideshow Collectibles!"


Really from the depths of the jungle heart: Thank you for such nice words! 
Another big thanks goes out to Harald and Michael for pressing the Donation button in the last weeks!

Thank you!


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