Hamburg - Berlin - Hamburg

by Roman aka jar

Hey jungle inhabitants,

What I was missing yesterday in my review: One of the coolest moments on the weekend where Matt Cexwish just appeared Ninja-Style in the Wu Dao and did spent a while. This was so cool, Matt!!

I wrote my review from our first BÄM class yesterday and today M R Lee wrote up his version from the eyes of a student. Thank you for the kind words, Kyle - looks like we did something right when it comes to the way this class is teaching.

a little collection of impressions on the time we spent in between both painting classes. Spending a good time with good friends is always great!

Miniature Wonderland, Hamburg, Germany

Just impressive to see that, even after a painting class, when the mind tries to rest. We spent three hours there and my mind was offline. If you ever visit Hamburg, check the Miniaturen Wunderland.

M R Lee has some more photos for you over on his blog, click here!

Some more impressions on Hamburg ...

On Tuesday we head off for Berlin to visit our monkeybrothers Mati and Ben and spent some time in the Berlin Painting Community, at least in a little part of it. Was really good to see the boys again, without the action on a common figure event. We drank a great, strong coffee at the headquarters of Painting Buddha/Masterminis and enjoyed looking on a lot of great figures and the exchange of ideas.

We visited the german Mekka of Miniature Lovers, Battlefield-Berlin in their *not so brand new* store that we didn't visit so far and WWWOOOOOAAA!!!!

Thanks for the hospitality to the Battlefield-Team.
Such a cool place, I would love to sleep in your store for one night, but I would not sleep at all I would take my time to find all those hidden treasures until my head would explode from new ideas. The cleaning would be yours in the morning ;)

Good to see Fabian in the store too. Keep ya head up, buddy - painting is like surfing on waves, remember that:

Tutorial: How to drink your Fanta "Berlin-Hood-Style"

Yeah, well, somehow ... there are no more photos of Berlin found on our cameras. Sadly, but that means the short time amount we had traveling back to Hamburg on Thursday was intense.

Thursday, after we arrived we did rest a little and soon got up again to conquer our goals. We worked on some improvements of the BÄM class content, did paint a gift figure for the over 9000!!!!-Heiko, and had a cool painting night with Kyle aka M R Lee. He prepared MADNESS that night. We told him, but he was already standing at the shore cliffs and could look into the eye of the storm. He stood proud and was accepting the challenge ...

So, enough raddiyyaaadddyyaayyaa ... let's prepare the second BÄM review ...
Enjoy your day and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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