Massive Voodoo TV Update

by Roman aka jar

Good evening,

at the moment, Raffa and I are cutting our way to a big load of video material from the SMC and different figures. Finally, the Last Light Step by Step will be finished, when the video of it is cut.

The first video we can present is the Wonderlands Project Bust I painted, called "Mephisto". Enjoy in Full HD and let us know what you think about it, so we can learn for the next videos.

And a little teaser to something bigger ... also for you to enjoy in Full HD:

This all takes a little while as the days are pretty busy. Tomorrow morning: Lawrence from Italy arrives early in Augsburg for two days of private Coaching. We are at least as excited as he is and we are looking forward to paint the hell out of the next upcoming days ...

Busy, busy jungle ...
Keep on happy painting!


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