Kong's WIP thoughts - Octobre #01

by Roman aka jar


time is busy all around and there is still a lot to work on the SBS of "the Last Light."
As time is so focused on traveling here and there at the moment I did choose to use the time at home smart when it comes to my WIPs. I got two things on my list I want to get it on right now.

Marrow Productions "Monkey King" will be finished soon. Here is a little preview on a scratchbuild piece that will hit the base soon.

The other project which I will be working on in the next months is finally, the myth of Bellerophon and the Chimera. Finally. Time to get it on with this monster as I have learned to walk the line of monster projects. Maybe you remember this scene:

Yesterday we managed to make photos of the "Last Light" but believe this: It is not easy to take good photos of this monster :D - a little preview (the tip of the iceberg):

Well, so good so far.
More about all of that in the next future.
Still today me is not sitting in the studio. At home a lot of email stuff and the review work is still hitting the fan and I am working my mind free to be back in the studio tomorrow for a little painting progress.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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