The heart stays warm - Kong Fu

by Roman aka jar

Thanks to Daniel for the great photo!


After twelve days of our painting class trip to Hamburg it is time to catch up with my mails again.
 I was not able to do them all yet, but fair enough, I am getting close.

Meanwhile on the outside the change of the season is in evidence. It is getting cold and grey ... but the heart stays warm, thanks to your mails:


"Hello Roman, this morning I received the package ..... I was like a child in front of his Christmas gift .... thank you very much. I hope one day to return. I'm following, on the blog, the "Last Light" step by step...extraordinary a spectacular job .... I would like to know your goddess inspiring.... 

Best Wishes 
Pino" (Massive Voodoo Studio Quest Winner)


"Hi Roman,
I wanted to drop you a quick note, to say thank you.
After reading some of the coverage of your piece for GD Germany, particularly your articles about how you felt whilst doing it and your motivations for doing it. (Crazy right?!)
Anyway, after not painting a whole lot in the last year, at least not in a focussed way, I decided upon reading your stuff, that I should enter GD UK. Not having entered or been before, I'd kinda been saying I wanted to wait until I was in a position where I could really take my time and do a great job on a single piece to give it my all.
Starting only a few weeks before GD: UK, In a happy painting way I set myself the following goals:
1) Try to paint something at least as good as anything I've painted before 2) Be at a standard which doesn't embrass myself. I really enjoyed the experience of painting and fast forward to today, I was pretty pleased with my entry, and overjoyed to get a finalist medal and some great comments from the judges. I just wanted to say thank you, for the inspiration of your blog, I hadn't started reading it until I backed your book which is also great, but am really glad I did.  The Model: Thanks again and keep on happy painting! :)

Jon aka ArkMechanicus/Jonagon" 


Thank you both for your kind words and the news.
Sometimes mails leave me speechless, when you heros outthere tell me on how strong
Massive Voodoo influances your painting passion. Thank you for sending back powers to the jungle.

I am on my mails again and already prepare both reviews of the BAM classes.
Heartwarming moments we all enjoyed there too, believe that. As a little preview I show you how our students blew us away with what they have achieved in the classes ... I was happy that we were able to pick up every student where he stood and throw him far away, catched him if he stumbles and ... well, as you can see everybody landed by its own after a great distance jump:

Results of the first class ...

And the second class' Brekks on their way to BAM ...
Read you all soon with more ...
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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