MU 36 - Kellerkind Miniaturen, Basing Material

by Roman aka jar

 Welcome to another Miniatures Unpacked.

Today I want to give you a little review about a parcel I recieved, unexpected.

Thanks to Kellerkind Miniaturen for sending the gift. For sure there will be a little review about that cool stuff. Happy reading!

Cool Basing Material arrived in the jungle ...

Lasercut plants ...
 Lovely shapes ...
 you just need a sharp blade and the jungle on your bases grows to new heights!
 Definatly worth a closer look!

Honestly, there was something else in this parcel that stunned me more than the plants. Don't get me wrong I do like the plants but my eyes could not resist the cool lasercut gear-wheels in different size and shape. Made from cardboard.

Scale check: 

Easy to remove ...
  Many different shapes ...

Different Mixes of gear-wheels available ...
Massive Voodoo throws a big thank you banana to Kellerkind Miniaturen.
Be sure to see this cool basing stuff involved in our future projects.

Even if I think I wrote a little less than usual in this Miniatures Unpacked I got to say I feel that the pictures speak for themselve. Sometimes this happens and I don't want to shot catapults from two directions at our readers ... I love those gear-wheels ... get yours here!


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