Scale Model Challenge 2013 - First Contact

by Raffa

Hey everyone,

we just finished cutting and uploading the first video from the Scale Model Challenge 2013.
As we got our new camera with us we were able to catch some impressions of the show.

We also did several interviews ( Chris Clayton, Fernando Ruiz, Die Vincis, Thomas "Darkknight" Wasch to give you some names ) that will be shown very soon, prepare for some really cool footage!

We're still pretty new to all this more intense video editing, so give us some time for even better videos ... you can already look forward to what will happen on our YouTube channel after Monte San Savino, hehe!

Maybe you will also notice our all-new intro, I'm really proud of it.

So, enough yadda-yadda for now, hope you enjoy the video!

I'm really looking forward to next years edition of the Scale Model Challenge and hope to see you there!

If you are interested in many more links and picture galleries about this years issue of the SMC
- check their facebook page and see many more impressions!



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