Miniature Mentor again!

by Roman aka jar

I hope I find you all ready for some great news:

Miniature Mentor is supporting Massive Voodoo again for the next six months.
Check out their great DVDs and learn from the best in the industry.

Their latest news:

Romain Van Den Bogaert is hard at work practicing some of the things he learned at the Anatomy Tools Workshop in California. Just a vague idea of what's in store for our fans in our upcoming Miniature Mentor Anatomy Tutorial. We're making this video with one goal in mind - to help miniature sculptors everywhere make better miniatures. It's our most ambitious tutorial to date.

And, we've crossed the pond once again to have a look what other great modelers are doing. AK Interactive let us borrow Rick Lawler between issues of Rust and Weathering Magazine (where he is the editor) to film his techniques in our upcoming video tutorial "Rust and Weathering with Rick Lawler: the ChTZ S-65 Stalinez Tractor". We are constantly looking for new ways to infuse our miniature painting work with new methods and tools. If you've ever wanted to use AK, MIG or Tamiya paints but were afraid to take the leap then you've come to the right place. Some of these techniques will change the way you paint!


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