Painting Jam 31 - FAQ

by Roman aka jar

A quick Painting Jam drops in ...

Joel asks ...

"Dear Roman,

I've been following the news and works from Massive Voodoo from a very long time ( can't remember exactly when :derp: ), so I immediately tought you were the best persons to get an advice.

I recently started to prepare a female bust from . I finished sculpting the hair and sketched a tattoo on the back.

The problem is that I think it's too simple. People suggested me to make a kind of kimono with the back opened but I really don't know what to do. Could it look good without clothes ?

Thanks for the answer and congratulations for all those beautiful miniatures you offer us to see on your site.

Greetings from Switzerland,

My answer ...

Well, I like naked boobs so I am totally fine with the front view of the figure.
I do like the idea of the magic that happens on the back with the dragon tattoo. I also like the idea of clothing somewhere. I think what could help you now is to think of  the athmospheric feeling your lady there is in right now. I could imagine her dropping her clothes in front of a mighty sword fighting champion, presented as a gift to honour him or maybe in front of her lover. Means different situations of her eyes and the look she has, but one thing is for sure... the clothes are dropping ... so not much of is needed to explain the situation:

Example 1 -the Act of Undressing

Example 2 - just a second later should be your sculpt

Example 3 - just with a Kimono

Hope my answer helped you!
Would love to see on how you give that a try!
Keep on happy painting and sculpting to Switzerland!

Best Wishes

Hi Margot, welcome to the Jungle! 
Happy to see you here! :)


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